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Hi! I’m Tim!

I’m Tim Robbins, the founder of ByteShip, and the guy you’ll probably talk to when you reach out to us here at ByteShip. I was born and raised in Florida (Go UF!) but now identify as a North Carolinian. I’m coming up on almost 20 years in the marketing and online space, and I have loved most every minute of it.

I know that running your business is tough, I’ve run and continue to run several (Today Creative, Purposed Marketing, UFO Glow, and others)! I always rely on WordPress to run the website of each of these businesses and know that sometimes it is awesome to have an extra helping hand to make sure the site stays current, software up-to-date, etc.

That’s why I came up with a solution for small business like yours and mine. To make running a WordPress website worry-free and not breaking the bank. If you have any questions reach out to me on the contact us page, or the online chat below. Also hit me up on Twitter (@timothyrobbins) or Instagram (@timrobbins).

History Of ByteShip

ByteShip was founded in 2015 as web development and design agency. As we, and the industry, have evolved we keep diving deeper into the world of WordPress, since it is such an optimal solution for our customers.

We noticed a trend of agency’s building sites for customers and then sort of leaving them to fend for themselves after some initial training. This leads to out-of-date website content, with out-of-date software…. which leads to troublesome results.

So, combining our years of client work, customer support and WordPress knowledge we began to wind down the custom development side of ByteShip and evolve it into more of the support product it is today.

In the beginning of 2017, ByteShip officially became a product of Today Creative, a digital marketing and content creation company, with the combined goal of having a solid online foundation (ByteShip powered sites) and driving folks to those sites to learn, engage and purchase (with Today Creative powered marketing).

Our Mission

Is to give business owners, bloggers, and anyone who runs a WordPress website peace of mind that their site is running smoothly and securely.

Worry-Free Guarantee

We guarantee to make your website as worry-free as possible. If you are ever not content with our service – we’ll happily make it right.