Comment Cleanup & Optimizing

Clean up spam and optimize site comments


Comment Cleanup & Optimizing

Includes: Weekly cleanup and optimization of old and spam comments.

Comment cleanup and optimization – why in the world would i need that for my WordPress website?

If you look at it from the angle of making sure the performance is really optimized, if you have a lot of spam comments or comments unrelated to current content on the website, these can negatively your site speed. So what we do, is we have tools in place that will monitor and clean out spam comments, and any old comments that are unrelated to content you currently have on your site, keeping your site speedy, optimized and awesome.

WordPress Performance Monitoring

Includes: Weekly scan of your website which will flag any performance issues. We can take care of these issues within your support hour or purchase additional hours for just $49. 

So performance and speed monitoring – why is this important for my WordPress website?

Obviously, there is a user experience ramification for having a slow website. Typically, when site visitors get to your site, if it is slow, they are going to leave after a few seconds. There are a ton of studies out there about this, Google it if you are interested. Another ramification for having a slow website is negatively affected search engine rankings by Google. They actually track your website performance and speed and if it’s terrible or if your website is not mobile friendly you actually get “demerits” or negative impact on your search engine rankings. So what we do for within the WordPress support plan is we track your website performance and we’ll make recommendations to you on changes or tweaks you can make. We can handle those changes within our hour we have with you each month or if you want to go above and beyond to really tweak the site performance, contact us today.

Analytics & Support Report

Includes: Weekly emailed report containing analytics, seo tracking, website support statistics and a few other goodies. 

Analytics and Reporting sound fun right?

Yes! Seeing all the positive results your site makes on your business is fun! We send you a report each month that gives you an overview of everything we are doing, your website traffic, performance and keywords ranking changes. You can use this data to make informed decisions about your marketing going forward. If you aren’t really sure how to use this information – no worries! We are happy to help.

SEO Keyword Tracking

Includes: Tracking of up to 100 keywords 

What does SEO keyword tracking mean?

We monitor your top keywords and track the progress your website makes up (or down) in search engines rankings. Not only that but we automatically will track your competitors, aka folks with similar keywords that are competing for your same rankings. With this data you can have an informed method of building out your content marketing strategy and SEO pages to drive those SEO keywords up. If you want help with what to do with this data, or assistance in building out content to help your SEO rankings improve please contact us and we’ll come up with plan that works for your business. 

Enterprise-Grade Security

Includes: Ongoing integrity monitoring and daily malware scanning of your website. We’ll be notified of any issues and will manually investigate immediately. 

What sort of security does my wordpress site have?

Your site is under 24/7 observation, scanning your website for malware, and exploitable software, as well as checking if your website is blacklisted. If at any point something comes up in our scans, we are alerted, and a team member will manually check into the issue. In most cases we can simply remove the problem or update the plugin, but from time to time we are forced to completely remove a plugin and offer you some alternatives to replace it with a safer option. 

24/7 Uptime monitoring

Includes: Our team is notified via email and sms if your site goes down. We will then manually verify and notify you of any potential issues or extended downtime. 

What is website uptime monitoring?

Your site will probably experience an outage at some point. There are a ton a factors that could play into why your site might go down, including internet outages, server crashes, code malfunctions. The good news is, the moment the site is offline for more than a few seconds we are notified, and someone on our team is working on fixing the issue if we are able to, or at least relaying the information from service providers on cause and expected return of service. If you ever see your site is down, we’re already on it and you’ll be hearing from us shortly 🙂

WordPress Cloud Backups

Includes: Automatic backups every hour, as well as on-demand prior to us servicing your website each week. Backups are stored for 90 days. 

Why should you have your wordpress site backed up?

You have probably spent a good deal of time building your website (or maybe we have for you) and developing content for the website. Your blood sweat and tears are invested in this thing. What would happen tomorrow if for some reason the server crashed and it all was gone? That would be pretty frustrating right? Well, we can’t predict when the next server crash will be but what we can do is make sure the entire website is backed up to off-site cloud storage. Most support services provide weekly or monthly backups. But a lot can happen in month, or even a few hours. If you are running an e-commerce store or high traffic blog on your wordpress install, you can’t lose that data. That is why we have near real-time backups running at all times. If anything goes wrong with the site, we have restore points where we can basically back up an hour and restore the website without losing much if any data. Gives you pretty good peace of mind right?

WordPress & Plugin Updates

Includes: Each week we update your WordPress version (if available) and plugins (if available). For security patches we update as soon as they are available. 

Why does it help to have a team like ours manage your WordPress updates?

Many people that have tinkered around in WordPress some have probably noticed that from time to time, there is a little note at the top that says yay! there is a new version of WordPress available to download. When you click that button it takes you to a screen that warns you to make sure you have a recent backup before you update, etc. You’ve probably hit the update now button and magically wordpress updates and everything is fine. Maybe you have hit that button and everything wasn’t fine. Maybe it led to the “white screen of death” and you spent hours trying to fix your website. This typically happens because of a conflicting plugin or theme. That whole mess isn’t a good use of your time or your stress. Offload those tasks to a team that has systems in place to backup, pre-check updates and safely update your WordPress software and plugins on a routine basis.

Why update you ask? Two main reasons. Security and compatibly . Over time security flaws are found or exploited in software and the developers release new versions to fix those exploits. Secondly, as WordPress evolves, sometimes there are requirements placed on plugin developers to make changes to their plugins. Not every developer is able to do so, therefore there is always this fun gap between all the updates where you need to determine when to update what, and if you are even able to because of a possible dead plugin. Good news. You don’t have to worry about any of that.

On-Call Edits & Support

Includes: One hour per month for content changes, blog posts, css edits, bug fixes or anything else you need for your WordPress site above and beyond the other maintenance we perform. 

Most wordpress support plans include a block of time each month which are above and beyond the normal maintenance tasks like plugin updates and site backups. At Byteship we include an hour of time, which you can use for whatever you need each month. If you are a restaurant you can send us specials to change each week and we’ll handle any sort of menu edits you need to make. If you are a church, we’ll post new banner images to your site and update your podcast each week, maybe even add events to a calendar. If you are a blogger, your probably already have a good grasp on WordPress, but maybe you want additional help with css tweaks or building out landing pages. No matter your business, there are always things you can and should be doing to keep your site updated with fresh content and correct information. Your customers expect it and you’ll feel better about your business as a whole.