On Call Edits & Support

Edits, fixes, content changes - keep your site fresh


Includes: One hour per month for content changes, blog posts, css edits, bug fixes or anything else you need for your WordPress site above and beyond the other maintenance we perform. 

Most wordpress support plans include a block of time each month which are above and beyond the normal maintenance tasks like plugin updates and site backups. At Byteship we include an hour of time, which you can use for whatever you need each month. If you are a restaurant you can send us specials to change each week and we’ll handle any sort of menu edits you need to make. If you are a church, we’ll post new banner images to your site and update your podcast each week, maybe even add events to a calendar. If you are a blogger, your probably already have a good grasp on WordPress, but maybe you want additional help with css tweaks or building out landing pages. No matter your business, there are always things you can and should be doing to keep your site updated with fresh content and correct information. Your customers expect it and you’ll feel better about your business as a whole.