Wordpress Cloud Backups

Near real-time cloud backups


Includes: Automatic backups every hour, as well as on-demand prior to us servicing your website each week. Backups are stored for 90 days. 

Why should you have your wordpress site backed up?

You have probably spent a good deal of time building your website (or maybe we have for you) and developing content for the website. Your blood sweat and tears are invested in this thing. What would happen tomorrow if for some reason the server crashed and it all was gone? That would be pretty frustrating right? Well, we can’t predict when the next server crash will be but what we can do is make sure the entire website is backed up to off-site cloud storage. Most support services provide weekly or monthly backups. But a lot can happen in month, or even a few hours. If you are running an e-commerce store or high traffic blog on your wordpress install, you can’t lose that data. That is why we have near real-time backups running at all times. If anything goes wrong with the site, we have restore points where we can basically back up an hour and restore the website without losing much if any data. Gives you pretty good peace of mind right?