Performance Monitoring

Monitor and make recommendations for speed improvements


Includes: Weekly scan of your website which will flag any performance issues. We can take care of these issues within your support hour or purchase additional hours for just $49. 

So performance and speed monitoring – why is this important for my WordPress website?

Obviously, there is a user experience ramification for having a slow website. Typically, when site visitors get to your site, if it is slow, they are going to leave after a few seconds. There are a ton of studies out there about this, Google it if you are interested. Another ramification for having a slow website is negatively affected search engine rankings by Google. They actually track your website performance and speed and if it’s terrible or if your website is not mobile friendly you actually get “demerits” or negative impact on your search engine rankings. So what we do for within the WordPress support plan is we track your website performance and we’ll make recommendations to you on changes or tweaks you can make. We can handle those changes within our hour we have with you each month or if you want to go above and beyond to really tweak the site performance, contact us today.