Wordpress & Plugin Updates

Keep all your software up to date


Includes: Each week we update your WordPress version (if available) and plugins (if available). For security patches we update as soon as they are available. 

Why does it help to have a team like ours manage your WordPress updates?

Many people that have tinkered around in WordPress some have probably noticed that from time to time, there is a little note at the top that says yay! there is a new version of WordPress available to download. When you click that button it takes you to a screen that warns you to make sure you have a recent backup before you update, etc. You’ve probably hit the update now button and magically wordpress updates and everything is fine. Maybe you have hit that button and everything wasn’t fine. Maybe it led to the “white screen of death” and you spent hours trying to fix your website. This typically happens because of a conflicting plugin or theme. That whole mess isn’t a good use of your time or your stress. Offload those tasks to a team that has systems in place to backup, pre-check updates and safely update your WordPress software and plugins on a routine basis.

Why update you ask? Two main reasons. Security and compatibly . Over time security flaws are found or exploited in software and the developers release new versions to fix those exploits. Secondly, as WordPress evolves, sometimes there are requirements placed on plugin developers to make changes to their plugins. Not every developer is able to do so, therefore there is always this fun gap between all the updates where you need to determine when to update what, and if you are even able to because of a possible dead plugin. Good news. You don’t have to worry about any of that.